After attending a barbecue competition in 2012 as spectators with his team, husband and wife and 2 daughters and son, they decided to move from the grill to friends and family on the weekends, to conquer the world of barbecue as Clark Crew. BBQ. Clark Crew BBQ has won over 700 Top-10 Awards, along with the World Championship, National Team of the Year, and Oklahoma Team of the Year! All this while cooking on some of the biggest stages against some of the best teams in the world. Winning is what drives me every day and what makes you join us at Clark Crew BBQ so exciting. Fierce competition forced them to hone our craft, and the awards are not inconsistent. At Clark Crew BBQ, you can expect a world-class experience every time you walk through our doors. While you’re there, sit down, let them take care of you, have fun, eat, drink and remember …

World Champions!

Clark Crew BBQ just won the 2019 Jack Daniels World Championship. Pretty dang cool, something I thought we would do a couple years ago but missed Chicken turn in. Always been the one that got away. This was our 5th year in a row to Auto in with 7 wins (one of the things I’m most proud of). Just proud of my team, that’s about all I can say. Wish that Coopdog could have been here, the kid loves coming to this contest but he had to stay and play football (they won both games)….that’s a team player. There is a lot of people that play a part in what we do, and we are so appreciative of all of you. Kimberly, Jennifer, Madison, Brooklyn and Cooper….thanks for putting up with me, I’m probably not the easiest to deal with but you all are a huge part in the teams success. Sorry if I haven’t responded to all the texts and messages I will, and thank you so much.
So here’s how it played out. I had a solid cook, but you just never know in the Hollar.
37th Chicken 171.977 thought is was damn good
26th Ribs 173.73 they were good but small
2nd Pork 179.44 it was badass
3rd Brisket with another 180 well…..I always think it’s perfect
Grand Champion with a 705.1544.
Big congratulations to our good friends Tim and Terri Scheer at Shake ‘n Bake for the RGC. And to my other friend Jerry Stephenson with Redneck Scientific on 3rd overall Probably should let everyone else try my new rubs now that I did what I wanted to! Hell of a way to end the year, now I gotta get the doors open on my restaurant.

The folllow two is the Rub that Clark Crew BBQ used to win Grand Champion Ribs at the American Royal Invitational. Clark Crew BBQ is an Oklahoma based world champion BBQ team out of Yukon, Oklahoma.

They proudly showcase su Kansas city barbecue-style infused with our southwest Kansas roots.

Is a small family team that has traveled the arround the country with a passion to win and fun everyone. The is packed full of flavor for your meats which include Brisket, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood and without gluten and MSG Free.

Features 12.0 Bottle American Royal Invitational Grand Champion 2x Jack Daniels World Championship Team of the Year Great on Brisket, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood Kansas City BBQ style infused with Southwest Kansas roots Gluten and MSG Free.


Clark Crew BBQ – Jack’d Brisket Rub – Brisket – Pork – Beef – Poultry – Seafood 

Clark Crew BBQ Rub Royal Rib Rub


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